How to write wedding vows that are memorable

how to write wedding vowsHow to write wedding vows

The wedding vows are the most important part of any wedding ceremony. Without the vows, it would only be a party. All the time, I'm asked how to write wedding vows.

Your wedding day is the day your family and friends have come together to celebrate your commitment to a life together. It is the moment when you will forget everyone around you and only concentrate on each other and your commitment.

How to write wedding vows that last a lifetime

Your vows will become very focused and sincere at this point. Whether you repeat after me words that I have chosen for you, or if you present your own vows to your beloved, you will experience a very solemn connection. It will all become real to you.

Even those who have asked me to make it light-hearted and funny, succumb to this moment, as they should. I have watched it over the years, and sometimes it still moves me to tears as I see hearts become one.

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